Golden Jubilee — 1970 to 2020

Our Association was founded in August 1970 and reached its 50th Anniversary in 2020. It is amazing that we went through 50 years in the blink of an eye. We are so grateful to the enthusiastic senior alumni who had spent great efforts in establishing the Association, where we can share our common background of relocation from Hong Kong and maintain connection with our alma mater. Years after years, the Board of Directors has been so dedicated to launching various kinds of activities to bring the alumni together and enriching our leisure and social life.

On this occasion, we are so delighted to have received the congratulatory messages from:

Honourable John Horgan

Premier of British Columbia

Emily Mo

Director, HK Economic & Trade Office

Professor Xiang Zhang

HKU President & Vice-Chancellor

As time went by, we had so many great memories and laughter from our gatherings. Our annual events included the Annual General Meeting, Christmas Lunch and Spring Dinner. We also had recreational activities and educational ones like talks on different interesting subjects. In addition, we liaised with other Alumni Associations and had participated in Joint Alumni Summer Fun Day, Joint Alumni Pacific North West Coast Cruise, Joint Alumni Christmas Dinner, Joint Alumni Trip to Whistler. For many years, we have participated in Inter Varsity Alumni Associations Table Tennis Tournaments and inter-U Alumni Associations Badminton Tournaments.

Let us recall those moments as below:

2009 Joint Alumni Christmas Dinner
2010 Inter-Varsity Alumni Associations Table Tennis Tournament
2010 Yoga Taichi Meditation Day
2011 Joint Alumni Summer Fun Day
2012 Joint Alumni Pacific NW Coast Cruise
2012 Inter-Varsity Alumni Associations Table Tennis Tournament
2012 Physiotherapy Talk
2013 Inter-U Alumni Associations Badminton Tournament
2014 Alice Lake Hiking
2013 Lawn Bowling
2014 Spring Dinner
2014 Travel Photograpy Talk
2015 Christmas Party
2015 Cleveland Dam Hiking
2015 Domestic Chemicals Talk
2015 Whistler Hiking
2018 Chess Talk
2017 Spring Dinner
2018 Garry Point Hiking
2018 Rocky Point Hiking
2018 Spring Dinner
2018 Christmas Party
2019 Cannabis Talk
2019 Spring Dinner
2019 Christmas Party

In addition to the activities above, the following special events are worth mentioning.

30th Anniversary

The 30th Anniversary Dinner and Dance was held on Feb 10th 2001 at Radisson President Hotel. We were honored to have Mr Man Peng Lau, our first President attend the event. During that evening, our Association raised money in support of the establishment of the HKUGA Primary School launched by the Hong Kong University Graduates Association.

40th Anniversary

The year 2010 marked the 40th Anniversary of our Association. We established the HKUAA BC 40th Anniversary Endowment Fund at the University of British Columbia (UBC), which would provide awards to undergraduates at UBC who participated in a study exchange program with HKU.

We greatly benefitted from the generous donation of the late Hon. Dr. Simon K Y Lee for the opening of the HKU-UBC House in October 2010. Since then, we were able to hold functions at the Hong Kong Ballroom and the Lecture Theatre at the Global Lounge there.

On October 9th 2010, we held the 40th Anniversary Dinner Dance at Radisson President Hotel to commemorate the great milestone of the Association. We had the honorable presence of Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Hong Kong and the delegates from the Development and Alumni Affairs Office. The event had a record attendance. We also organized the trip to Adams River Salmon Run to wrap up the celebration.

HKU Global Alumni Reunion

In 2013, we participated in the HKU Global Alumni Reunion with participants from Northern and Southern California, Central USA, Washington State, British Columbia, Ontario, China, Hong Kong, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The program included a San Francisco Cultural Tour and a Yosemite Geological Tour. It was a fun filled event.

45th Anniversary

Our Association celebrated our 45th anniversary with a dinner at Arbutus Club on Nov 1, 2015. We were most delighted to have Professor Peter Mathieson, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Hong Kong and his delegates attending our dinner. The evening was filled with laughter throughout and there was active participation in the Trivia about HKU and HKUAA. It rekindled great friendship and memories.

We are still hoping that we can have a Celebration Dinner for our 50th Anniversary to mark our big milestone. However, no one can tell when it is safe to do that, especially with the fast development of different variants of the COVID 19.

Nevertheless, our hearts are always together. We continue to aim at broadening our membership, having more diversified activities and more interactions with our members. Your participation and inputs are always the key elements for us to thrive and grow.